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Adelaide adventures continue

Posted by on May 29, 2014

So, we are staying in Adelaide another year at least. I haven’t been blogging….. sorry about that. But here is a bit of a catch up on the world of Peter Pan and Wendy.

We had to move at the end of last year… and we almost bailed out and headed off again…. but I had applied to study a Diploma of Music in 2014 and at the last minute I got an offer. So, we went on the rental hunt and now have a cute little cottage on the North side of the city.

I’m heavily ensconced in full time study – being challenged daily with a wealth of knowledge to enhance my musical understanding and focused on the guitar. My head is constantly spinning and there are not enough hours in the day to do all the work and practice but I just keep on keeping on. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed but ultimately I’m loving it and I’m so excited to be pushed and guided on how to improve my skills.

Peter’s head is spinning also from my coming home and sharing my insights… he’s starting to channel his inner jazz muso I’m sure… breaking into singing scat and being creative with songs we’ve played many times before. He’s been attending a Django Djam regularly and playing bass and reading charts! Not something he’s done alot of in the past – reading charts that is!

My voice is back on track after damaging it last year and Peter and I are starting to do gigs again. Sadly, Geoff is departing Adelaide soon…┬áso it is back to duo work for now.

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