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Bios and Background

A Little History

After working together to run the Kelly Country Pick, Peter and Wendy started playing music together and decided to leave Melbourne to play music and do some travelling. Deciding on a name was difficult – they used ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ as an easy option considering that is their names; and Hotwired for when they’ve put bluegrass bands together and needed something a bit more appropriate. A hilarious afternoon looking for names in cooking magazines led to the “Passionfruit Fools” and thus morphed into “Passionate Fools”….this one feels right for now.

They’ve travelled up and down the East Coast, performing with extra musos that they’ve met along the way; continued to run the Kelly Country Pick; travelled to Canada and the States, hiring double basses and mixing with local musicians everywhere. They consider themselves to be very fortunate…..and the¬†journey continues……..

JULY 2012: They graced the front page of the Brisbane Folk Rag and were feeling a bit famous – thanks to Michael Bourne and the lovely Alison Mackenzie. You can check it out here if you like…. (You have to go to the Rogues Gallery…. more than appropriate)

For the last 2 years they’ve been based in Adelaide, meeting and mixing with a whole range of great musicians, running sessions and gigging here and there, while still travelling to various interstate festivals to perform.


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