Bye Adelaide – It’s been fun!

Heading off to work in country Victoria for 2016…. in Cohuna, on the Murray Valley Highway.  I’ve got a contract teaching at the high school there for the year.  Sad to leave Adelaide, tried to find a job but no luck.  Anyway, now that it is all go, we are excited and looking forward to it.  Only 3 hours from Beechworth, and 3 hours from Melbourne, and an hour from Bendigo.  Closer to my family in Sydney too!  No doubt we’ll be on the musical hunt once we get settled…. start some sessions and chase some gigs in the vicinity, and not too far from some of our favourite festivals….. Fiddlers, The GAP, Mountaingrass, and the National.

Thanks to all our lovely Adelaide friends who’ve made our stay here so special – The Gordons, the Tonkins, the Hooters, all the bluegrass and old timey crew, the Django Djammers and my wonderful music tutors at Salisbury TAFE….. it has been a special time and I won’t forget any of you…….you never know, we might be back! Take care everyone!

Wendy and Peter xxx

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Peter’s passed on the Old Timey session torch

After two years leading the Gov’s old time session, Peter has handed on the baton. It has been a good time, made new friends, played heaps of tunes but it is time for other musical endeavours now.

Wendy is looking forward to getting the duo back on track and maybe creating a few different band line ups…. I’m mad for stuff that swings… we’re kind of thinking a little jug band-ish…. a – la – Pokey La Farge. Mmmmm, we’ll keep you posted.


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The Gov Old Timey Session Turns 2!!!

Amazing…. where does the time go…. we’ve been in Adelaide 2 and a half years!!! And Peter has been running the Old Timey Session at the Gov for 2 years!  They had their birthday session last Friday – 12th June!  Unfortunately, Brian and Vivian Tonkin were not there to share the night as they are still off gallivanting around the States.  Richard was there though, and he took a few photos and video I think, so no doubt he would have shared them. Peter was lucky enough to have two of his sons visiting from Melbourne, Jade and Jesse…. Jesse is an amazing professional photographer so he took quite a few photos. I’ll get some up here soon.

It was a great night, big turn out…. lots of good vibes and music loving folks.  Great to have Andrew and Alex Clermont and Rachel Johnston along. Tony Schick was there with his new carbon fibre bass, still on a high from his recent U.S. travels with Andrew. Lord Stompy was along for the first time adding some harmonica. Jazzy and Mia played fiddle.  And we had a birthday cake…. Thanks to everyone who came – and especially to the regulars who go every week and participate…. ( I say that on Peter’s behalf, cause I don’t go every week!)

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Southernwood String Contingent

Terry Williamson (A1) organised a little Old Timey gig at the Café Troppo in Whitmore Square in Adelaide a few weeks back – Peter on fiddle, Terry on guitar, Sam on banjo and me on bass…. with Andrew Clermont as a blow in on fiddle also. Fun afternoon sitting out on the street, playing acoustic…. we’d all had a big musical afternoon the previous day, celebrating Andrew’s birthday actually.

Peter and Terry came up with the name after one of their no doubt stimulating discussions based on Terry’s weed book. A highlight text in our recent shared travels.  Apparently, it is a weed that promotes the growth of beards amongst its many interesting properties.

It was a fun gig…. and such a groovy little café, my first visit!  It went over really well, lots of folk, looking on in amazement really… not too many people come across old timey music like that…. and Sam keeps people mesmerized at the best of times…. he has the authentic old timey look :)

Peter and Terry are off to the States for an old timey odyssey together in July for 2 weeks – Swannanoa camp in Nth Carolina and then Clifftop in West Virginia…. and to think when we met Terry at a lunch at Leonard Cohen’s place when we first came to Adelaide town, he only had a little guitar playing under his fingers….. now you can’t stop him:)Southernwood String Contingent

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2014-07-19 19.58.46I’m finally getting onto updating this website a little…. a few more recent photos from gigs in the last year with Jeri and Gage. We’ve been really fortunate to have these two highly accomplished musicians learn some of our material to play at a few festivals with us….. it has been a real treat! And of course, we had Jon Wilby also at Beechworth last year – they were fabulous gigs!

We’ve just had a big picking weekend with lots of the Adelaide Bluegrass crew courtesy of the Cherry Pickers who hosted a weekend down at Waipinga on the beautiful Fleurieu coast. A little too much red wine as you do sometimes, but lots of picking and good company! Can’t ask for much more!

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Back in Adelaide 2015

Well…. we’ve just had a month away on the road…. haven’t done that for a while… we went to the National Folk Festival in Canberra, saw Pokey La Farge in Castlemaine, then played at the Great Alpine Pick in Harrietville and then on to Sydney for the St Albans Folk Festival (which ended up being cancelled because of flooding on the Hawkesbury – but we went anyway, along with many others…. and did our best to still play lots of music!)

I’m planning to get focused on playing music again this year…..after such a big year studying, doing my Diploma of Music last year…. and that includes finding the time to update this website…. so many photos from recent years and none have found their way here…. that will change soon!! Watch this space! Ha!

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Adelaide adventures continue

So, we are staying in Adelaide another year at least. I haven’t been blogging….. sorry about that. But here is a bit of a catch up on the world of Peter Pan and Wendy.

We had to move at the end of last year… and we almost bailed out and headed off again…. but I had applied to study a Diploma of Music in 2014 and at the last minute I got an offer. So, we went on the rental hunt and now have a cute little cottage on the North side of the city.

I’m heavily ensconced in full time study – being challenged daily with a wealth of knowledge to enhance my musical understanding and focused on the guitar. My head is constantly spinning and there are not enough hours in the day to do all the work and practice but I just keep on keeping on. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed but ultimately I’m loving it and I’m so excited to be pushed and guided on how to improve my skills.

Peter’s head is spinning also from my coming home and sharing my insights… he’s starting to channel his inner jazz muso I’m sure… breaking into singing scat and being creative with songs we’ve played many times before. He’s been attending a Django Djam regularly and playing bass and reading charts! Not something he’s done alot of in the past – reading charts that is!

My voice is back on track after damaging it last year and Peter and I are starting to do gigs again. Sadly, Geoff is departing Adelaide soon… so it is back to duo work for now.

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3DDD Official Opening

We were very pleased to be invited to perform at the Official opening of the 3DDD Community Radio’s new station in St Peters, Adelaide. We’ve been involved a little with the radio since arriving here through attending the Hillbilly Hoot and helping with the physical move of the station to its new premises…. and of course, we are subscribers! There are certainly some wonderful folk involved in the station and it has been instrumental in helping us settle in to Adelaide and find lots of like-minded musical folk… Special thanks to Ally and Robert Ayliffe for their support and friendship!

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So, we made it to the new MountainGrass Festival…. and so glad we did. Was great not having any responsibilities and just to be there, catching up with friends and trying to get in as much picking as possible. Great to catch up with the Bass Coast crew and meet NZ’s ‘Wires and Wood’….. amazing we found that the lead singer from Wires and Wood (whose name escapes me) knew and stayed with the same Texan folk in Camp Coyote at Winfield festival in Kansas…. small world!! Those kiwi boys were great late night jammers!! The Sunday night pick in the dining area at feathertop was awesome…. great creative, open minded musicians – up for trying all sorts of stuff, you guys made my weekend! What great music we made together!!! (Hugh Gordon, Andrew Smith, Jon Wilby, Peter Hisco, Geoff Wright, Di Cross, Joe Hillel).

The festival was a great success (a few PA issues to resolve for next year – and the lack of old timey people attending/ performing was noticeable), but well done to all the crew that made it happen and wouldn’t let it die…..the November Harrietville Bluegrass/Old Timey weekend is a tradition …. all credit to all the various folk who have made it happen for the past 25 years too… but in the end it is not about individuals… is about the music!

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Name Change – Passionate Fools

We are changing our name…. to Passionate Fools…… it is all a long story but that was actually our original choice when agonising over trying to name our duo…. it was still inspired from the Passionfruit Fool recipe from the cooking  magazine picked up outside the Pomona Op Shop…. drinking wine and searching for names on Lou’s farm verandah, with the overflowing passionfruit vine nearby….get the picture.  We got spooked by a few negative reactions initially, people getting hung up on the intimacy of the word ‘passionate’…… but it turns out that Passionfruit Fools is like a tongue twister… hard to get your mouth around.   Passionate Fools is much more suitable….. we ARE passionate people – about life and music…. we try not to waste a second of it! We could be thought of as foolish…. the lifestyle we adopt, the lack of security (perhaps), trying to earn pocket money playing music, trying to play far too many instruments for 2 people (I can almost agree with that one, especially when it comes to lugging it all around!)…. but we have a bloody good time!

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