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Posted by on December 2, 2013

So, we made it to the new MountainGrass Festival…. and so glad we did. Was great not having any responsibilities and just to be there, catching up with friends and trying to get in as much picking as possible. Great to catch up with the Bass Coast crew and meet NZ’s ‘Wires and Wood’….. amazing we found that the lead singer from Wires and Wood (whose name escapes me) knew and stayed with the same Texan folk in Camp Coyote at Winfield festival in Kansas…. small world!! Those kiwi boys were great late night jammers!! The Sunday night pick in the dining area at feathertop was awesome…. great creative, open minded musicians – up for trying all sorts of stuff, you guys made my weekend! What great music we made together!!! (Hugh Gordon, Andrew Smith, Jon Wilby, Peter Hisco, Geoff Wright, Di Cross, Joe Hillel).

The festival was a great success (a few PA issues to resolve for next year – and the lack of old timey people attending/ performing was noticeable), but well done to all the crew that made it happen and wouldn’t let it die…..the November Harrietville Bluegrass/Old Timey weekend is a tradition …. all credit to all the various folk who have made it happen for the past 25 years too… but in the end it is not about individuals… is about the music!

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