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Name Change – Passionate Fools

Posted by on October 22, 2013

We are changing our name…. to Passionate Fools…… it is all a long story but that was actually our original choice when agonising over trying to name our duo…. it was still inspired from the Passionfruit Fool recipe from the cooking  magazine picked up outside the Pomona Op Shop…. drinking wine and searching for names on Lou’s farm verandah, with the overflowing passionfruit vine nearby….get the picture.  We got spooked by a few negative reactions initially, people getting hung up on the intimacy of the word ‘passionate’…… but it turns out that Passionfruit Fools is like a tongue twister… hard to get your mouth around.   Passionate Fools is much more suitable….. we ARE passionate people – about life and music…. we try not to waste a second of it! We could be thought of as foolish…. the lifestyle we adopt, the lack of security (perhaps), trying to earn pocket money playing music, trying to play far too many instruments for 2 people (I can almost agree with that one, especially when it comes to lugging it all around!)…. but we have a bloody good time!

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