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Southernwood String Contingent

Posted by on June 22, 2015

Terry Williamson (A1) organised a little Old Timey gig at the Café Troppo in Whitmore Square in Adelaide a few weeks back – Peter on fiddle, Terry on guitar, Sam on banjo and me on bass…. with Andrew Clermont as a blow in on fiddle also. Fun afternoon sitting out on the street, playing acoustic…. we’d all had a big musical afternoon the previous day, celebrating Andrew’s birthday actually.

Peter and Terry came up with the name after one of their no doubt stimulating discussions based on Terry’s weed book. A highlight text in our recent shared travels.  Apparently, it is a weed that promotes the growth of beards amongst its many interesting properties.

It was a fun gig…. and such a groovy little café, my first visit!  It went over really well, lots of folk, looking on in amazement really… not too many people come across old timey music like that…. and Sam keeps people mesmerized at the best of times…. he has the authentic old timey look :)

Peter and Terry are off to the States for an old timey odyssey together in July for 2 weeks – Swannanoa camp in Nth Carolina and then Clifftop in West Virginia…. and to think when we met Terry at a lunch at Leonard Cohen’s place when we first came to Adelaide town, he only had a little guitar playing under his fingers….. now you can’t stop him:)Southernwood String Contingent

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