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The Gov Old Timey Session Turns 2!!!

Posted by on June 22, 2015

Amazing…. where does the time go…. we’ve been in Adelaide 2 and a half years!!! And Peter has been running the Old Timey Session at the Gov for 2 years!  They had their birthday session last Friday – 12th June!  Unfortunately, Brian and Vivian Tonkin were not there to share the night as they are still off gallivanting around the States.  Richard was there though, and he took a few photos and video I think, so no doubt he would have shared them. Peter was lucky enough to have two of his sons visiting from Melbourne, Jade and Jesse…. Jesse is an amazing professional photographer so he took quite a few photos. I’ll get some up here soon.

It was a great night, big turn out…. lots of good vibes and music loving folks.  Great to have Andrew and Alex Clermont and Rachel Johnston along. Tony Schick was there with his new carbon fibre bass, still on a high from his recent U.S. travels with Andrew. Lord Stompy was along for the first time adding some harmonica. Jazzy and Mia played fiddle.  And we had a birthday cake…. Thanks to everyone who came – and especially to the regulars who go every week and participate…. ( I say that on Peter’s behalf, cause I don’t go every week!)

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